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Well Inventory Results

Friesen Drillers Ltd. on behalf of Lilyfield Quarry Inc. (LQI) and Hugh Munro Construction Ltd. (HMCL) completed a comprehensive well inventory of all wells within a 2 mile proximity of the proposed Lilyfield Quarry site for those who agreed to participate in the well inventory program.

The purpose of the well inventory was to assess the condition of private water wells and the aquifer surrounding the proposed quarry site, prior to the starting of the quarry.  In this way, if a private water well is damaged or impacted from the quarry operation, Lilyfield Quarry Inc. will repair or replace the well at no charge to the land owner. The well inventory program documented any existing issues with wells and provide the baseline data for continued monitoring. If you would like a copy of your results please request a copy from Friesen Drillers Ltd. at

Confidentiality of private information was maintained during the inventory process:

  • Information collected during the well inventory included personal contact details and other forms of potentially sensitive information. To maintain the privacy those who participated in the well inventory, a unique identifier was generated for each site. The identifiers were derived from the legal address (SEC-TWP-RGE) of the property. Friesen Drillers Ltd. will have the information regarding the unique identifier and will issue your results based on the unique identifiers.


Lilyfield Quarry Inc. Is Committed to Contributing To An Efficient Canadian Infrastructure & Achieving Professional Success In A Safe Working Environment. We Are Together As One.


Blasting Guidelines: Maximum Allowable Decibels : 130 dB

** Every Quarry Blast will be monitored with seismographs **

 **A Blast Notice Will Be Given 48 Hours Before Each Blast** (If a blast is delayed or postponed due to inclement weather, equipment breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances a 24-hour notice will be posted on the blast signs)

**If A Blast Day Is Cancelled/Postponed – A Postponed Notice or New Blast Date Will Be Posted On The Blast Notice Signs**

Location Of The Seismograph Will Placed At The Nearest Residential Home In Relation To The Blast Location In The Quarry


Blast Dates are subject to change due to inclement weather, equipment breakdowns, market demands, blasting company schedule/availability, unforeseen circumstances.

Quarry Blasts with NO TRIGGER – The blast was less than 106 dB, with a vibration less than 0.508 mm/sec or 0.02 in/sec

Blast Notice Locations


Lilyfield Quarry Haul Route & Transportation Guide

lilyfield haul & transport guide-new (1)_Page_1.jpg

1. The Only approved haul route to and from Lilyfield Quarry (starting at Lilyfield Quarry Entrance/Exit) is:

◊ West on Road 68N (Lilyfield Church Road) to PR 236

◊ South on PR 236 towards PTH #6.

◊ Head North or South at PTH #6 or PR 236


2. All traffic rules and regulations must be adhered to and followed.


3. Any truck operator violating traffic rules and deviating from the haul route will be dismissed and will not be allowed to haul on behalf of Lilyfield Quarry or Munro Group.


4. All trucks must make complete stops at all controlled intersections, and adhere to speed zones. 1

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