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Lilyfield Quarry Inc. is a part of The Munro Group. It consists of Fort Whyte Lowbedding, ROCKGLASS, and of course, Lilyfield Quarry Inc.

Hugh Munro Construction was founded by Hugh Munro in 1959. Its legacy has continued through his daughter, Colleen Munro, who has been President since 2008. The Munro Group’s diversification has built legacy projects with value for all of their clients – which has been a key part to their success. While the heavy construction industry is cyclical in its nature, Hugh Munro Construction, Ltd contracts projects covering all parts of the Province, as well as locations outside of Manitoba as well. Hugh Munro Construction Ltd. is dedicated to carrying out her father’s values with employees, customers & Industry relationships. We have delivered over half a century of top-quality work and reliable services, earning a strong and trustworthy reputation within the heavy construction sector. We look forward to working with you.

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